Through service hotline, company provide customer with one-stop service in 24 hours, such as purchase consult, service request etc to reach high-effic...


1. Service Hotline: 24 hours hotline, at your service.

2. Rescue Service: Open a 24 hours emergency rescue service hotline; Provide emergency rescue services.

3. Vehicles Visit: Build profiles for the newly purchased vehicles and do Telephone interviews, service consult and service supports within one month.

4. Appoint Door-to-door Break-in Service: Provide free door-to-door service for clients who purchased 10 cars or 5 buses.

5. The Security for a Large Scale of Vehicles: Arrange professional services attendants with the vehicles to convoy your vehicles back to your home safely; And provide you the professional training of vehicles’ using and maintenance, to make your every traveling totally safe.

6. Technical Consulting Support: Provide free technical consulting support service and assist you to solve your vehicles’ problems positively to guarantee your vehicles’ normal operation.

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