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Care for every person, Car for every bu

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China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components held from May 23 to May 25, 2016 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Center) in Beijing.

Dongfeng Chaolong did not make a stir sensational scene but lay emphasis on the management idea of “Care for every person, Car for every bus” as the theme, showing the three brand new designed pure electric bus at Booth 503 in Hall E2.


Making the electrical, intelligent, light weight as the key development direction, Dongfeng Chaolong reformed and transformed actively following closely China new energy vehicle development strategy from beginning of 2015.

The three pure electric buses displayed in the exhibition as follows:  EQ6120CBEVT pure electric city bus in big size, EQ6830CBEVT pure electric city bus in middle size, EQ6701LBEVT pure electric business bus.

                                                   EQ6120CBEVT pure electric city bus

    Dongfeng Chaolong won two awards “Best Business Bus” and “Best New Energy Bus” through years of concentrated research and strict examine and appraise by “China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components jury committee.  


Excellent products need to be recognized by the market. After the evaluation of the exhibition, China Blue Sky Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. signed purchase contract of each bus for 50 units deeply attracted by Dongfeng Chaolong advanced technology.

    EQ6830CBEVT pure electric city bus

EQ6701LBEVT pure electric business bus

“Finding the lack compared with others and enhancing the enterprises core competitiveness make it to the world” which is the original intention of Dongfeng Chaolong participating in the exhibition. That also show the Dongfeng Chaolong spirit “Innovate to diversity, Action to success”.

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